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Custom and variable cadence in Marketo

Marketo is set to release variable cadence soon. Until then here’s a hack for doing it now and managing custom cadence in your nurturing

Personalization in Marketo: 5 tips to get started

You can achieve personalization in Marketo in a few different ways. Here are five tips to get started with personalization.

How to automatically add utm parameters to Marketo emails

Marketo’s email editor allows for a lot of customization, read more on how to tag your email links with utm parameters.

6 tips for Naming Conventions in Marketo

A better structure in Marketo will make assets easier to find and help when scaling up. Here are 6 tips on how you can use naming conventions in Marketo.

How to use Marketo: 5 tips to becoming a Certified Expert

Need to get acquainted with Marketo or do you want to brush up on your skills before taking the certification exam? Here are five tips to get you started!

Lead Lifecycle in Marketo – How to set yours up

A lead lifecycle in Marketo is created with an operational program and a revenue cycle model in your instance. Here are tips on how to set yours up.

Multi-Touch Attribution for UTM Parameters in Marketo

This post was originally posted on the Marketo Champion Blog. Working with cross-channel marketing, where you have a lot of different entry points to your landing pages, it’s a good idea to keep track of which sources, campaigns, content variants and more are generating traffic and which are converting on your content. UTM parameters will…
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How to set up a basic program template in Marketo

Producing assets in Marketo without thinking of scalability will hurt you in the long run. Here are some tips for creating program templates.