How to use Marketo: 5 tips to becoming a Certified Expert

Thinking about getting acquainted with Marketo or are you considering brushing up on your skills before taking the Certified Expert exam? Marketo sets the bar for users to have roughly 6-12 months of experience before doing the exam. This all depends on how intensive your work in the system is: If you spend a lot of time in Marketo and try out new things often, your readiness will differ from someone using Marketo as a complement to other systems/channels who spends only a couple hours per week in the system.

Here are five tips on how to get on your way to your Marketo certification:

1. Check out Marketo University

Marketo offers free training courses to users of all levels through the Marketo University. I would recommend checking these out if you are a new user and just getting started, it will definitely help to get to know the platform and how you get started with basic tasks. Marketo recently released free training modules for new marketers to get acquainted with core concepts, which can be found here:

If you have a good investment from your employer, you can always enroll in separate courses or buy a learning passport for intensive training.

2. Get an overview of Marketo Admin features

If you don’t personally have access to admin features, try to read up on the features or ask for an overview from a colleague rights in your Marketo instance.

Part of the exam focuses on changes to settings which are done from the admin section. If you are not an admin yet and your company has a sandbox instance for testing it would be valuable to get admin access there to start.

A recommendation on what to focus on here would be:

  • Tags section (configure channels and tags vital to reporting)
  • Landing Pages (configure redirects if necessary)
  • Field Management (holds fields and custom fields)

3. Explore Marketo Product Docs

Aside from Marketo’s University, they offer great resources in knowledge within the Product Docs detailing different features and how they work. This is by far the best resource for self learning in order to ready your knowledge for the exam. If you are unsure about how a feature works, check out the product docs for an intro and deep dive into how to set up certain features.

4. Test, test, test!

If you are ever unsure about a feature or curious how it works, try it out! The best way to learn is by doing and following up in the activity log. It will help you better understand Marketo’s logic and in some cases show you functions you may not be aware of.

5. Check the Marketing Nation Community

Marketo recently made the community more accessible to users, both by removing the requirement of logging in and allowing a responsive access for users on mobile.

The community is a great place for:

  • asking Marketo specific questions with a lot of skilled marketers ready to help
  • checking out previous related questions to either get the answer to your problem or learn something new
  • connecting with other Marketo users, check out a user group if you are not already a member of one:
  • getting knowledge from the experts, check out the Champion Blog for inspiration:

A new list of sample questions for the exam can be found in a five part series on the community:

  1. Admin & Operational:
  2. Analytics & Reporting:
  3. Lead Lifecycle:

Here are some tips on creating a lead lifecycle

  1. Program Fundamentals:
  2. Targeting & Personalization: